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It's Still 11:59 PM

It's 11:56 PM. My birthday ends in 4 minutes and I'm still waiting for something more, something special. Although, I enjoyed a lot throughout the day. At 12:00 my sister got me a cake, the one with chocolate. My friends were on the call, keeping the rituals, clapping and singing.

In the afternoon, I celebrated it with all of them. We danced like maniacs, almost breaking the floor. In the evening, I celebrated it with my family at our favorite restaurant, which serves that special type of fried chicken, that fails the KFC.

I was happy the whole day except for this quarter hour. The time, from 11:45 PM to 12:00 AM, of my day is continually reserved for sadness, guilt, regret, for him. But after 12, I don't even think about him, I swear.

Last month, his stories started a birthday countdown, but not for me. It was for his current Juliet. And I was sitting there, waiting for anyone who would count the days down for my birthday. My birthday went well but small things matter you know. My friends and siblings love me, but they don't believe in these small things.

He once told me that he would make my birthday special. I remember, and I also remember my subtle reply "it's six months away!" Although my soul was beating with happiness. For he was the first one who said that, and I believed him. My birthday is about to end but it wasn't made special.

Some people, the close ones, actually 'the loved one,' didn't even wish. The Romeo left too soon and I regret my choice.

I just hope for the day when I will stop regretting and wasting this last quarter hour of my day. Although, I wished that he returns the favor, the rose, at least. The rose that made his birthday special. For which he said he will make mine special too. But as I said, this time of my day is for regretting only, hence, I am doing so.

Birthday ends in two minutes! I am setting my bed, no hopes left. I'm going to switch the internet off.

"Oh wait!" A notification just popped.

It's a message. "Happy birthday!" is all it says. It's still 11:59 PM, I saw and smiled. He kept his promise. My birthday was made special!


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