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Let's today not sit on the rooftop,

not mummer the worldly talks.

And not ask people to leave us alone,

let's today try to be aloof but somehow stay in the zone.

Let's today make 'that' third person realize,

it's not broken or kind , that you stand deprived.

For once lets today not regret,

that it's an answer that we expect.

Let's today stand aloof but in the the set.

Let's today try to shed tears,

and truly expect someone to help you wipe.

It's cool that they mislike

let them but without uttering the statement that its their vibe.

Let's today not regret,

that it's an answer that we still expect.

Let's today try to shout,

we need help and that's clear and loud.

Fine! You're fifteen, fifty or so,

support is something you owe.

Yes! That takes strength,

not saying but finding a being from length.

Let's today try to forget that,

What they'd said,

and make you ready to speak and to be a gay.

Let's today not regret,

that it's an 'explanation' that we expect.



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