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"Let's Talk About It!"

Dear reader,

I know how it feels to carry your broken heart,

I know how it feels to sob all night,

I know how it feels when your best friend turns into a stranger,

I know how it feels to rise after every heartbreak,

I know how it feels to fight panic attacks,

I know how it feels to be lonely though being surrounded,

I know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep,

I know how it feels to be abandoned by your loved ones,

I know how it feels to fight your own demons,

I know how it feels to be unheard.

Dear reader I know it all! But every time when you ride fighting through it all, you become stronger. So let's talk about it all, let's talk about the things that haunt you. When you talk about it, it harms you less. One by one, let's pick each and every shredded piece of your heart, let's try to fix it. Or may be if we can't,let's embrace them for once. You know amidst all this, anxiety and depression, there is your brave self who is taming the demons, who is fighting the fears. Oh my reader! Haven't you heard "from the ashes we will rise." The more you hustle the more you win. These are few battles that makes you strong and winsome. Believe on your incarnation and let your fears, fear of your glowing spirit.

The battle you have to win!

You are a warrior!

Your confidence is your weapon.

Your smile is your armor.

And your rage tells how invincible you are!

Beautiful things do happen when you let go the negative things.

You fear of letting it out, so let it out and see it haunts you no more. I know it is hard and not everyone understands, but there are several ways in which you can let it out. Because remember,

"Until or unless you free yourself from your self chained fears, you can't feel the spirit of your inner beyonce"

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