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Image by Leo Chane

Long Lost Friend!

The Day was one,

The bond was none.

The wicked faces were many,

But the true sole was none.

How we're supposed to,

Live in the mystery?

They talk about love,

And carry the loads of lies.

It is said,

"A friend is one

who keeps you sane!"

And how it became,

Irony to many.

I kept digging in,

The more I did,

The more I sank.

But it is me,

I am the eye of storm,

And if you want me,

I'll be yours.

But, before if I say this,

That World is a wicked place,

How I'm gonna exclude myself?

There were highs and lows,

That swayed us.

The eternal promises,

That were once taken,

Are now deep sunken.

The differences that,

Once never bothered,

Are the reason behind,

Unsaid fights.

Two people once,

Shared the same soul,

Are now the strangers,

That hold the same memories.

The person once,

held the best of me.

No, I didn't let her go,