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Love Is, Love! Is There A Definition?

He met his dad after 20 years, who left him as a child.

He saw him and his eyes flooded with tears.

"Why did you leave us, Dad?

We were happy, you and Mom were so in love, wasn't that enough?

Did you want more? Did you find it somewhere else?

I never had you to play football with me, never had you to come and pick me up from school.

When kids went to Disneyland and enjoyed roaming throughout the streets, playing happily, I watched you both fighting, crying, and cursing at each other."

"My entire childhood went into deciding with whom I have to stay and see you people going through a divorce not knowing what that meant. I met my new dad right after 2 days you left, watched him beating, and torturing Mom daily.

He didn't seem to love her at all, she became mad, lost her mind, and he left her.

Now, she is mentally ill, and I'm taking care of her.

It's been years, but when I found you, I don't even feel like calling you, 'Dad.'

I think, you and mom never loved each other."

Dad was listening to everything, not looking up, and said, "I never wanted to leave you. I found out your mom had an affair, what was I supposed to do?

I fought for you in court and lost. I wasn't able to forget her.

When I heard that she is ill, I came here right away. Because I still love her. I was lost, but when I saw you both, I found myself again, that emptiness in my life faded away, and I feel whole again. If it's not too late, forgive me. We can be a family again. Will you give me that chance?"

His mom and dad both were in tears, While he moved closer to his Dad, his nose started bleeding, he collapsed to the floor, and his breathing became heavy.

Dad was shocked and admitted him in the hospital.

Doctors tested him, they told him that he had leukemia, and he wasn't gonna survive that.

Dad sat on that hospital floor, shattered, and cried his heart out.

The doctor told him that his son wanted to see him.

Dad went inside. Son looked up and said, "Do you think you came here by accident? I called you, because I knew, I'm gonna die. Mom needs someone to take care of her, and you need a life partner.

I've never got love from both of you, but I couldn't stop myself from loving you like how you couldn't when mom cheated on you.

Love is messy right? I loved you both, but you didn't love me back, you loved mom, but she loved someone else who didn't even know the meaning of love. But now, you both are together and that is enough for me, nothing else matters.

Dad, maybe this is an odd question, What is love huh? Love is... love, Is there a definition? Son closed his eyes, smiling.

Life started to fade away slowly. He was remembering the happy moments he had with his Mom and Dad. He was a child again, who played around the farms, laughing and enjoying when his parents were holding their hands looking at him with a joyful heart. The definition of love always depends on the person with whom you decide to share your love. If you share that with someone who doesn’t love you back, it’s pain. If you share it with someone who loves you truly, it’s divine, with Mom, it’s caring, with dad, it’s discipline, with friends, it’s fun. It's just different names that are confusing us,

"Love is in everything and everything is because of love!"

- John Samuvel


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