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Image by Leo Chane

Lunch,Dinner, Breakfast!

I got three friends,

I'm a little too obsessed with,

They're sweet humans,

Well! My mind's says that's it!




Now they'll ring my phone, I'm so dead,

They'll hit me with the pillows and throw me in the bed,

Pretty cool, right? You say that's what friends do

I bet you'll regret if your bed has a huge headset .

They're silly and so is this poetry, but

They're bearable and I guess this too should be.

While one is 'Maddona,' the other is my panda,

The third one is a little quirky but.

"Amm!" But you see I cannot complete this stanza (hoping you didn't puke "rabbit faces")

So similar as the last stanza, our lives a slightly incomplete without each other,

We fight, laugh, cuss, cry, try, oof and hope too much together.

'Maddona' got a great voice and now you know why I call her so,

Panda must still be wanting to watch 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' and sleep.

While our quirky rabbit must be watching some series and wanting to suggest it to the most random person ever.

I broke the rhyming twice here cause you see that's more how a group goes, cookie and coke,

Broke and hope, and Aadya, Kalika, Manya.

(Please don't kill me readers, I love you and I'm not cringe)





Yeah! Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast.....YOU TOO!