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Might is Right!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

This gripping expression has always been a bleak reality since ages. We humans have testified situations and provocations where "Survival of the fittest!" has been an extensive certainty. If mysteries of history are unfolded, we come to know how true and factual is the above stated idiom . This is an unquestionable verity that the most authoritative conquers and rules since the question of right and wrong remains unimportant. Kingdoms were invaded by the powerful monarchs and humanity was put to test over and over again. Weak was subdued and the one with utmost clout thrived. Might is right or not doesn't matter, but no-one has the dauntlessness to go against the might, hence might is right. This statement threatens the freedom of speech and discourages counter arguments. Adolf Hitler was an epitome of ruthlessness and atrocity, and was widely castigated for his style of justice; however, he was in power yet never got into the good books. For years whites have been given the privileges, and Racism is another precedent to validate the expression. In relation to leadership, this is noticeable that a leader necessarily doesn't get power due to his goodness but manages to persuade his admirers in a comfort zone. At times superstition plays an indispensable role when the followers believe the figure head blindly and can go to any extent to substantiate their idolatry.

If might is used for right, it can change history and can embellish the human race; if might is enforced to bring fair justice and give equal opportunities, it can weed out discrimination, failures, barbarity and make this world angelic. The fact remains unaltered that might can put the truth to test, and compels us to welcome the occurrences. There had been events and miseries where innocents succumbed n the mighty remained untouched. Regardless of the law and judiciary which is supposed to be the mightiest, there are certain elements that happen to be the rule makers and can mystify actualities. Many onlookers go helpless, endless solicitations go unnoticed, countless victims are devoid of fair play. Hence, Might remains Right!

Time is the wisest counselor, it can bring forth the truth, but if it keeps getting procrastinated, the outcomes wouldn't get recognition. Humans have always been into the habit of accepting a hegemony that results in despair and sufferings, since rights of individuals have been exploited. We do have social media to raise slogans against disgraces, yet might is predominant. When the voices of millions go unheard, might remains right and the truth gets manhandled. Right is might if brought in full strength, the world would be a different place to breathe in. A quote by Joseph Alexander says it all;

"Might does not make right,but right demands that those who hold to it should defend it with all their might!"

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