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Mindfulness eases exasperation and reinvigorates the soul. A mindful eating and analytical program lead to attainment of robustness and vigor. Boisterous and unbridled habits have induced anxiety and agitation. Beguiling cuisines and unregulated dietary habits dissuade our health. Henceforth, it's essential to incorporate beneficial nutritional pattern. Unprecedented occurrence of health disorders, necessitates us to ponder that eventually we are propelling towards danger. Fitness plays an indispensable involvement in formulating an affirmative ambiance so as to foster exhilaration and peace.

Substantial felicities coax us to hanker after harmful elements. Henceforth, an absolute work culture should be incorporated so as to bring home the bacon. The term mindfulness refers to the state of being conscious and aware about ourselves and our surrounding so as to achieve serenity. It improves your well being and enhances your capacity to deal with adverse and undesired state of affairs. Frequent observations have stated that we tend to deny if something goes against what we have planned and try our best to retaliate. Well, that's a natural phenomenon but mindfulness eases sudden anxiety which would eventually help us to allow the influx of events in our life, wanted or unwanted. It may work superbly in healing the heart diseases, regulates blood sugar, improves sleep and leads to a stress-free life. Many psychotherapists have been suggesting mindfulness meditation which can be a vital element in treating depression, conflicts, anxiety disorders, etc.

Few basic techniques include sitting quietly and concentrate on natural breathing or a mantra that can be repeated silently. Books, tapes and consultants may help in practicing mindfulness meditation. We need to notice sight, sound, taste, smell sensations and let them pass without judgement. It helps to be poised and would be a key to greater happiness. It becomes convenient for us to accept the happenings. Criticism, day-dreaming and distractions would get dissolved. We would embrace each thought and sensation without being judgmental, so consistency and endurance will be obligatory here to settle our mind in to this uninterrupted process. We ought to unleash our natural curiosity that could make us kind and considerate to others and ourselves as well, therefore, look for a quiet and comfortable place to sit and practice, feel your breathe and soften your sight.

A quote by Sonia Ricotti explains us the crux of life;

"Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be!"

-Aditi Dwivedi


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