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Money's Indulgences

The civilization boasts numerous enhancements over all the other life. Money in it, however, turns up to show it's duality. Life tends to be quite baseless without the medium of commerce, yet, it has flaws which haunts the brightness of the future of humankind, or perhaps, the authority of economy, being absolutely flawless, is falsely manipulated by the evils of our mind.

A crucial sector of life, knowledge, deems to be a whole lot superior than cash in the literal sense, yet for gaining it, money is used as a bait quite often. The sanctified knowledge channelizes into your mind through the unsuitable pathway of money. The path of evolving yourself into a better human, turns down to be a method of seeking short-lived happiness which is not real. It's indeed the shear ignorance of ours to consider the happiness of unreal, bodily satisfaction over the beauty of knowledge and exploration. Though it seems to be quite natural for the human senses to prefer the silver, materialistic utility of knowledge, which covers the golden; infinite satisfaction which can be attain by the enlightenment of our consciousness.

When money is chosen over knowledge, foolishness of the human way of thought is exemplified immensely. Isn't a legacy waiting for you in the grand labyrinth of exploration? A legacy is kept in front of you, and instead of snatching it, you overlook!

Bodily satisfaction for me, seems to be very temporary and deceptive. The rejoice of your soul, when you figure out the reason of absoluteness of everything, is unmatched. The happiness at the end of your life is decided by your intellectual accomplishments and not the count of your cash. Your soul experiences an essence of absolute completeness when the truth is known. Your spirit would smile in its core when it leaves you, if it finds itself complete. Money may give you a lot in this world, and you may secure the future of your blood with it, but I wonder is anything can contribute to your heart as much as intellect, wisdom and knowledge do.

"It's questionable how far materialism goes?"

-Devansh Dhar Dwivedi


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