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Image by Leo Chane

New Found Freedom!

It’s a different world now

You don’t have to reach on time.

You stretch your arms, still in bed,

One glance at the clock and it’s already nine.

You open your wardrobe and see your favorite dress,

And a dozen footwear from which you choose.

Even if your shirt isn’t ironed or your shoes aren’t polished,

You wouldn’t have to give any excuse.

You don’t have to catch that bus,

You can ride your fancy bike.

You move swiftly cutting through the traffic,

Not because you’re late but because you wanna hype.

Back in those days when the teacher asked,

we begged for our turn to read.

And waited to receive golden stars,

Besides our names, for every good deed.

Back then, monitors looked for tidy nails,

Now they compare the nail polish.

Back then they made you sit in the class,

But now, it’s totally your wish.

Those were the days when we received knowledge,

Now we have to catch!

Back then, teachers hinted the important points,

Now they are lotteries that we scratch.

In those days, the middle sheet of your notebook was a savior for your friend.

Now all your wants vary with this ever changing trend.

Remember those folds between history and civics?

And making circles with a bangle?

We could keep one book for two subjects,

Now each one has its own journal.