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Image by Leo Chane

Night, Walk And The Murder!

After having a drink or two and celebrating the last day of the year with friends, I was walking back to home, singing songs to bid farewell to the year which was a complete roller coaster ride. The winter sky was clear, the moon was spreading its glee and I was feeling cheerful and high. Everything felt jovial, except the vibes of my surroundings! Although I walk through the same street every night after finishing my office shift, it was never this deserted as it was today. I assumed it’s just the effect of the drink as I am not a frequent drinker.

The skyscrapers were all standing tall, and their window lights were creating a sublime picture. The atmosphere was beautiful but a fear of the unknown dawned upon me rather frequently which was disturbing my mood. As if my conscience was giving me premonition of some mishappening. All hell breaks loose when my attention is violently drawn towards the noise coming from the building just a few steps ahead of me. The noise was of a lady screaming loudly from the third floor of the apartment. I couldn’t but rush towards the building! I could just hear two voices, a man, probably the criminal and the helpless lady, screaming with all her might for help.

“Please! Please! Forgive me. What crime have I done that you are behind my life?”

“I would close this chapter forever by taking your life, you bitc*” the man said grudgingly.

“Oh God! Please somebody help! I never did wrong with anyone, why is destiny taking a toll on me? Take all my jewels, all that you could see but don’t take my life. I would not reveal this to anyone.”

“You crooked bitc*! Do you think I’m a fool who would fall in your trap! You’ve made my life hell, now it’s my turn and I would make sure you land up directly in hell!”

My heart was beating fast, and I was surprised why no one was trying to rescue the poor lady. I started to perspire in fear as their argument intensified and he was moving closer to her. Without giving it another thought I rushed through the entrance and found myself before the staircase. I became more conscious as I didn’t know how many criminals were there inside the building and what weapons they had. I took out the bottle of champagne my friends gifted me in today's celebrations as a self-defence mechanism. I started to climb the stairs with buried feet so as to avoid the attention of the murderer. As the floor came closer I could hear the screams and violence more clearly. Seems like the lady was throwing whatever was coming in her hands to defend herself!

“You cruel moron! You killed my husband, my poor servant, looted all our wealth now what else do you want! Have you no mercy for me and my innocent child? Why are you dirtying your hands with our blood? You’ll not be spared I swear!”

“What you did has hurt me far more than all this bitc*! Now I will take revenge by ending your life! That will only satisfy me! (loud screams were heard as the man moved close to the lady with a dagger)

I climbed all the stairs and was standing before the main door of this flat. Taking a deep breath I started to bang the door with all might and shouted at the top of my voice, “Open the door bastard! I will not let you kill the poor lady. If you call yourself a man, come fight with me! Open the door you devil!”

The voice replied but this time it seemed of a different man, “Who is at my door? Are you drunk? Get lost?” The voice came closer. I assumed that there were two murderers torturing the lady. I shouted even louder “Open the door at once or I would break it” I held the bottle of champagne tightly in an attacking position. I was about to push the door with all my power when the second man opened it violently.

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