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Why do we always need a shoulder to cry? Sometimes it's better to make some moments more beautiful by laughing and smiling with our loved ones. Sometimes, all we need is happiness, and that happiness makes us strong. Breaking into pieces is not necessary to make you a strong person. You can do that optimistically as well. Endurance is a quality we all must possess but it's also important to stay content with what we have and cherish it.

Things don't always need to fall apart to fall in place, at times, we can use our intellect and prevent situations which we will eventually have to regret about. Positivity and optimism are very important aspects of our lives. When you are positive and believe in your dreams, your belief gives power to your hopes. 'Hope for the good things coming in your way' is what keeps you going. Rough times do come, but you can always manage to get through things. Always remember, you've faced certain situations you thought you would never be able to but you did it, and you will keep on doing it. Enthusiasm and a bright smile on your face is the strongest weapon you have! Sometimes, I know, things get messed up and you don't know how to rise again, how to be happy again and how to live again, but these situations should never become your weakness. Don't spend too much of your time in pondering about what happened. Don't introspect so much that you end up discovering feelings in yourself which you didn't even possess in the first place.

Also, I've heard people saying this one thing a lot that I laugh with many but share my tears with very few. I just want to say that it's very much okay sharing your problems and tears with the ones who're there for you but you're not supposed to "only" go to them to share your problems. Those people might be your friends, family or even God. Don't go to them only when you're stuck in a problem or when you've to share your troubles. They love you and they deserve to see you smile as well. They deserve to have a share in your happiness as well. Say no to toxicity!

Life is a beautiful garden filled with beautiful emotions like beautiful flowers. But you need to cut off the weeds to protect the beautiful flowers, similarly, you need to eradicate all the negative people, feelings and thoughts from your life. Stop being okay with the things that you aren't okay with. Not every wound you have will be healed immediately. Curing takes time, but what do you do till then? Regret over it? Try to press it and make it perfect in one moment? No. Remember, when you were a toddler and got injured? You remember what your Mom used to tell you then, to distract yourself from the wound. To deviate your mind and focus on other things and then one day, you won't even realize and the wound will be cured and gone forever. That's what you need to understand now. Why is everything effecting you so much? Why everyone is able to hurt you? Why the slightest of change in how someone talks to you ruins your whole mood? Why other people's opinion about you is lowering your self-esteem? Why are you regretting over things you can't change? Why are you missing the bonds you can't be with again? Why aren't you happy?

Because, You're expecting your happiness from others. Life is too short to ponder over the things which went wrong. Exploring new people with enthusiasm is always a solution to many things. The best part about finding a new friend is that unknowingly, they can save you from any situation. They can boost up your mood. For example; when things are all messed up between you and your close friends you can just text your new friends and talk about any random thing instead of the actual problem. I know it doesn't solve the problem, but atleast for sometime you feel okay and cared for. Talking to them won't even remind you of any problems you're facing because you aren't necessarily sharing everything with them but still they're there for you. They won't ask you why you're acting different, instead they will ask why you're so quiet and that's what you need. Someone supporting you unconditionally without even knowing the mess up that happened. They'll hype you up like no one else because no matter they are new to you. The bonds are strong.

"New friendships are a whole new experience and finding them are equally as important as maintaining the old ones!"

Thank you:-)

Lots of love:-)

-Aadya Srivastava.


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