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Pandemic hero "Mickey, The Cat"

It was too bright, his eyes couldn't see anything for a while. It felt like he was flying through the clouds, but he didn't know where he was headed.

After a while, he was able to see a hospital where he saw a family crying helplessly near a man who left them. He went closer, he realized that it was his family, and he is the one who is lying dead in that bed.

He couldn't do anything. He shouted, and tried to call his family but they couldn't hear him. Doctors were talking with his family about containing his body because he died of the deadly virus. He was heartbroken after his death also. Suddenly, a wave of clouds came near him. They took him somewhere. They were moving so fast that he wasn't able to see anything.

Those waves dropped him at a gate and told him that these are the gates of heaven. He will be judged by God before entering inside.

He started crying, thinking about his family. He screamed, God, why are you doing this to me? My family needs me, I was a good father.

But you weren't a good human being, a voice came from behind. He turned back and saw his cat is talking to him.

"What are you doing here? How can you talk?" He asked.

"Yea, I can. I will explain everything later," the cat replied.

God came, and the man started screaming again. God, I have to go back. You have to help me. "Just shut up man," the cat shouted back. "I came here to save you."

God spoke, Sam, you were a good father, but you weren't a good human being. You loved your family, but you cheated everyone else. So I can't let you live again in this world.

The cat came in front and said, "God, I agree that he did mistakes. Will you give me a minute to explain what is happening around the world?"

There is a virus outbreak. People are dying. Innocents are suffering. They are being chased away, and they are walking for miles to get home. Even if you are gonna punish bad people, what about their innocent families?

You should consider them, God. Please help us this one time, to save this world from this deadly virus. Give us a chance. I can show you if you come with me.

Sam was in shock, not knowing what to say. He decided to go with his cat and God, on this journey.

They went to see the world. The cat showed God, children got separated from their family who got affected by the virus. Youngsters who lost their jobs and losing their confidence to live. Daily wage workers who live on the streets starving because they lost their jobs, which fed them.

God saw everything, and he said, "let me show you the other side of this world."

They went to a man's house where a bunch of people was wearing white shirts. He had a separate room for worshipping God. After his worship, he started giving away money to everyone.

God spoke, "Cat, do you know who's money was that? This man collected all this money from people, by telling them, he is going to help poor people who got affected by this virus outbreak. When people are dying without money and food. He did business out of it. He will die within 2 days. Come with me! See, people stealing from shops, rich ones enjoying their time by drinking, governments stealing people's money and ditching them, raping, robbery, killing, religious fights, caste differences, were you able to see humanity? But, they are calling themselves humans."

Mikey and Sam got shocked and didn't know what to say.

Cat said, "Give me one more chance, I'll show you something." They went into a hospital where a man crying on the phone to his family and trying to make them understand the situation.

Cat said, "All these people working here know they are risking their lives. But still, they work here because they know the value of human lives. This world has some good people too. Can't you save this world for a sake of 10 good men? Give us one more chance to make this world a better place."

God saw everything and decided to give them a chance, but on one condition. He will either give life to Sam, or to this world to be free from the virus.

The cat looked at Sam with tears in his eyes, "What are you gonna do Sam?"

Sam said, "God, give life to this world. I realized that I've done mistakes, and the world is cruel. I don't deserve this world. Give life to this world, and save those innocents."

God smiled and said, "Yes everything will be done, Mickey you saved the world. I know you died for Sam and came here to save him, you have a good soul."

Sam and Mickey hugged each other and felt happy that they saved the world. The next day, Sam and Mickey opened their eyes and saw that they are with their family.

Suddenly God came into their room and said, "I gave life to this world and this world includes you both. You are the world, take care of it," and he vanished. Sam said "You are my Pandemic hero, Mickey, Mickey The Cat."

Mickey replied, "meow..."

"We are the world, how we are, decides how this world will be, and this world will be alive until people know how to respect other's life as their own!"

- John Samuvel



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