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Image by Leo Chane

Queens Speak Up!

To all glory seekers and miracle performers, welcome aboard!

Today, I would like to congrats you on choosing yourself aka being selfish according to the wannabees! You have made the right decisions and you have said the right words, so here is a special shout out to all of your “No” and “I want better” actions. You have been patient and you have shown grace through most of your journeys. Yes, we have noticed your efforts. Thank you for not settling for less.

You have earned your crown in this queendom. Wear it well and wear it wise for it will grant you immunity toward the wannabees. Those whose sole purpose in life is to buzz in your ears cause you have shown them how effortlessly one can face their fears without losing oneself. Ironically, we both know that is not the case here. They are not aware of all those nights you stayed up late renovating their poisonous projectiles into flourish visions offering you the soothing balm for your burned up bruises. They are not familiar with your routine that consists of setting up your alarm twenty minutes earlier just to have enough time to stare at the ceiling and talk yourself out of bed. Look at you elegantly rising from last night’s ashes!

I salute you for letting go of the past, and I absolutely admire you for not forgetting it. We shall remember how your courageous heart kept on going, how you remained soft, how your compassionate smile added value to our daily lives, and most importantly how you aced the lessons. You are an icon of kindness and your deeds shall be the source of inspiration till the next generation.

I would also wish to point out how proud we are of you for not projecting the bitterness of your past toward your present loved ones. We know how appealing it sounds to take them for granted, to bring out the worst in you, and to watch them choose you. Thank you for knowing better!

Finally, I would like to recall the numerous times you have fought evilness by speaking up which is why I am devoting the following lines to you. Hopefully one day, you will share it with a friend and inspire her on the same because there is no cure for a regret triggered by silence:

Encountering a real-life scene that reeks of corruption,

And not saying anything about it will only lead to more disruption.

It would haunt you for life.

Your mind and conscious will be having an endless strife.

You would convince yourself you did the right thing,

While all you accomplished was breaking an angel's wing.

Not voicing your opinions…

Will only empower the dominions.”

With no further dues, please join me in greeting these marvellous women and may they lead us to a better phase. A phase where we support each other’s success knowing that their success would never threaten our own because they motivate us to give out our all. A phase where we forget the meaning of injustice, racism, and violence. A phase where we seek eternal satisfaction rather than temporary happiness.

-Samar Mirghani