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Image by Leo Chane

Ravishing Burdens

Discipline yourself to spot opportunities in every condition.

Demonstrate your position.

Push the brakes.

Tackle your heartaches.

Pin them to the ground.

Boss them around.

Demand them to inspire you.

Embrace your new.

There is no need to conceal.

Regain control of your wheel.

Acknowledge your blues.

Become your own muse.

Dictate your soul to remember the moments you neglected.

Grant them sanction to perform what is expected.

Honor them through reminiscing.

Do you understand now what you were truly missing?

Get drowned in your bittersweet distress.

Recover your beautiful mess.

You chose this highway for a reason.

Do not commit treason.

Do not take a detour.

Mourning is your cure.

Reach your next stop so you would never go back.