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Relics From Bygone Age

As I sit here on the top floor where the world seems shrunken,

I still miss my rooftop branch where my toddler eyes could see beyond the sky.

As I go in my Royalce Roy with a shield of window,

I still miss my first bicycle where I could breath the implicit air.

As I wear the diamond embedded watch and no time to see it,

I still miss my one struck hand old watch where time was enough.

As I lay in the most comfortable bed,

I still miss the arm of my mother to rest my head.

As I sit on my well furnished office and lay my hands on keys,

I still miss that wooden pencil where I could get a break everytime I broke it's nib.

As I sit and stay awake till 3 AM, my heart ponders over the chaos I created within me,

I still miss those 3 AM cookie theft.

As I walk through the gate of the seven star hotel with a worthy b'day party,

I still miss my bygone age where birthdays were all about an extra chocolate to best friend.

As I sit and read the stats for my business,

I still miss reading comics and be my favorite character.

As I sit and read the novels with the heavenly water coming down,

I still miss jumping in those puddles where rains were the utter bliss.

As I sit and reminisce the golden moments,

I still miss being a child where everything was as it was.

As I sit here and write about my past,

I miss the toddler me scribbling with no thought.

"As you read and smile, do not forget that child in you is still alive. We are caged in the cage called as Grown Up."

-Mariyam Khan


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