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Image by Leo Chane

Ruinous Greed

Forgive her love for she refuses to banish all your night terrors.

There is a limit to her light arrows.

She knows your hope is out of sun’s range,

But that is because you dislike the change.

You are choosing this default-in state,

And she cannot relive your fate.

Your piercing echo is not her treat.

Pull back in your chair, she won’t have a seat.

Forgive her love for she refuses to meet you halfway,

Where you are sitting can lead her astray.

What you expect is insane to ensure.

There is no way out from your round tour.

Set her free.

Hear her damn plea.

You have no right to throw her with your portrays.

She is not that strong to carry both of your weights.

Forgive her love for she refuses to have you as her regret.

She won’t pay your debt.

She has to show up for her future too.

She got goals waiting in a queue.

This crippled love ain’t worth her soul.

Leave her alone, she won’t set foot in this hole.

But she gets your point of view.