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Image by Leo Chane

"Self Love"

Self love before anything. The love you show to yourself builds you up every single time. Do not let others ruin your soul and your happiness. You owe yourself all the love that you give to others so selflessly.

Teenage is a very complicated period and we all go through it. Some learn how to surf through the waves and some get through the waves anyhow. It is the time when most of the teenagers lose their self confidence, there are many reasons behind, peer pressure may be the one. Social media platforms pushes them to brag about anything. The levels set up there exemplifying beauty, love,friends or anything creates a tiny negative thought in their minds that they aren't worthy enough to stand there. And slowly slowly they lose self esteem,they start to have inferiorities. Apart from this a heartbreak also turn a person who start to hate own self. Many other reasons too where someone face difficulty in expressing love to self.

Look, you are the best version of yourself and do not let someone's opinion destroy you. If someone you loved went away let them walk away, consider them as the passing clouds. You're still worthy, you're still lovable. Don't let them break you. Don't let them rip your soul apart. Don't hold onto things that were never yours, perhaps you are just breaking your own self for the things that were never yours. Don't live in any type of toxicity, walk away for yourself. Someone destroying your mental peace doesn't deserve to be with you. Every scar that you have tells a beautiful story about you,the storms you fought and the pain you defeated.

"Love and embrace your every scar for they are the flowers on your soul." Do not settle for something less,you know you deserve the best of everything. Love every bit of yourself. "If you love yourself you have the courage to be the happiest version of yourself." Someone telling you that you aren't worthy is someone who is not worthy to be around you. There's no definition of beauty because every one is beautiful the way they are. You have to love yourself for who you are no matter what. Find things that gives you mental peace. Be someone you want to take care of yourself.

Remember this,

After every heartbreak

There is healing.

It will come to you

Sooner or later.

Stay kind with

your broken pieces.

Even they shine when

Sunshine falls on them.

And after every

Rainy night

There's a ray of sunshine

Waiting for you.

So it's better to wait

And mend yourself