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Self Pity- Is Social Media Making Us Complaining Victims?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

With mobile phones becoming like our extended organs and social media like a virtual caffeine, humans have started to focus more on having than being, which is setting up a problem for all of us. Besides serving its sole purpose of connecting people and giving them an insight in someone else’s life, to help enhance human relations and bondings, social media has become more of a place to pretend. Giving us the window like never before; the ability to actually see and feel the life that your favorite celeb or star is living to vividly describe your own lifestyle and emotion through words, pictures and stories; social media is to empower you.

One thing that is common between all of us on social media is that we are following people, brands, celebrities, public figures, super-models, meme accounts, business giants and individuals living an extravagant life. Initially we are doing it for inspiration, craze or even entertainment but eventually we reach a point where these alluring pictures start to intoxicate our mindset. We reach a point where we start stalking those people, looking at their perfectly manicured and contained life online and unconsciously giving birth to envy or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) inside us. What we are doing right now is make a very unusual comparison between our real-selves and our ideal-selves that too because of what we saw on Instagram right now which knowingly or unknowingly pushes us towards underconfidence, low self-esteem and little motivation to do better. And this is a big injustice we do with our poor selves. Which concludes, regrettably, that social media is having an upside down effect on our mindset and ultimately on our productivity.

Now the curiosity arises how to beat this self-pity and get out of the self-esteem issues it creates. It’s time for us to understand that we must follow those social media accounts that make us feel happier, smarter, empowered, inspired and energized to become more productive as well as feel happy about ourselves. Social Media is a platform that celebrates expression not comparison, a tool with limitless capabilities to help us work more efficiently towards our dreams and aspirations. Believe it or not, but social media posts are giving us actual visual evidence to fill our mind with the guilt that we are behind. Either we can unfollow such accounts or understand that these accounts are not for comparisons rather treat them as catalysts in the process of reaching each milestone.

We must realize that there is no virtual race going on to show who is living a more materialistic life and that self-contentment and self-introspection can be our greatest virtues to stay happy and uplifted in the grimmest of situations. We will get dissatisfaction only by hovering on this mental plane which attracts us more towards glaring material energy. Instead we must have a different outlook while following these celebrities and must see their hard work and struggles behind their super successful careers and glamorous lifestyles. This will not only give us an indefatigable zeal to be persistent while facing hardships in our lives but also act as a morale booster every time you come across such posts. It is all about shifting your perspective to consciously train your mind to focus on the silver lining. Success is not an overnight phenomena; it requires us to strive consistently for excellence in a planned manner at the same time enjoying our previous achievements, no matter how humble they are, after all everyone starts from the bottom of the ladder. If that’s not the case with you my dear reader, then thank you Prince Harry for taking out your precious time to read my little blog- I am humbled ;)


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