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Speculation is an art of life!

Speculation is a technique that assists to appraise a situation which is difficult to comprehend. Life is a marvelous expedition of peaks and valleys. In certain instances we fall flat in making decisions that leads to distress. We are obliged to make speculations to unravel some puzzles of life. It's an art since we could scrutinize a situation and elucidate. We all at times run into spheres of life full of predicaments. Hence, speculations can help to drive results. In every spheres of endeavors it has a specific bit part. When you speculate, you have the power to judge, you can schematize theories. It gives you the dauntlessness to act on your resolutions. It assists us to anticipate with a sense of alertness so as to jump the barriers, therefore, if you speculate you have your own perceptions that can't be influenced or altered. Let's take some common prototypes. While nurturing an infant, a mother speculates about his/her requisites. Motherhood is an exquisite journey where a woman acknowledges without being said by the infant. She contemplates and fulfills her child's needs. When a common man block outs his monthly budget he speculates about all the intricacies of his expenditure that would help him to meet challenges throughout the month. Similarly, while cooking a person hypothesizes about the quantity of the ingredients needed to prepare a cuisine.

If the speculation goes off course everything may get obliterated. Driving can be another precedent of speculation. One learns for days and has to undergo impediments any moment. Prudence and helpfulness is required while speculating. When a student prepares for exams he speculates about his achievements and masterwork. He would even analyze his assiduous measures taken that could lead him to his goals. Business often demands speculation when strategies don't work. One has to do some sort of guesswork to invest, buy or captivate market. Risk taking ability makes an individual competent and persistent, nevertheless, one has to take under consideration that speculation might be untrue. It may involve rumors and can be a cause of someone's miseries hence we shouldn't overdo. It must depend on the purpose and context in which we speculate. Judiciousness is expected from the one speculating as it goes unnoticed if it becomes the point of contention. Society is full of speculators who opine without thinking sensibly. They must not create inconveniences for the one being judged for anything so superfluity of anything can be disastrous. A famous quote by Jesse Livermore;

  1. The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world.

  2. But it is not the game for the stupid,the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance or the get rich quick adventure.

  3. They will die poor.


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