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Image by Leo Chane

The Best Is Yet To Come!

So, the best is yet to come used to say, that good things have happened but, that even better things will happen in the future and life is good now, but the best is yet to come. Ever feel that you have a little more in you even after you have given something you have got? I actually, don't know about you, but I have this feeling that the best is yet to come, and that I can give my life a better go, just by giving an extra 5%. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty happy with my life. Who wouldn't be? I have family and friends who love me and a lifestyle that is as good as ever want for it to be. BUT... the big but is... there is still something else out there that is the 'best' otherwise what is there to look forward to? In school, even if I have done a remarkable work of project, I still know I can do one better. If we do a deal, I know that no matter how happy I am with it, there is another around that corner that is even better.

Saying the best is yet to come, gives someone hope for a better future, faith that change will come, and helps him evolve into a more positive person. To actually encompass this saying there are a few things you need to understand.

The first thing is that, "Nothing is permanent!" This is either sad to hear or relief to hear. The Bible tells us there is a season and time for everything under heaven so what ever you are going through will be only for a certain time in your life. Once you understand that nothing is permanent, you can have hope for the future and believe it will be more fruitful. I take comfort in knowing that a feeling is only a moment or a bad situation which will not last forever.

Now, moving towards second thing which is "Growth or change must happen!" To believe that best is yet to come you need to know that change or growth will need to take place for this miracle to happen. You will need to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. If you want the best to come then you need to work on yourself and need to be ready for the best. Maybe the miracle is not happening to you because, it you may need to grow more or have a change for it to come.

The third thing is "You should look towards future!" If you want something good to come to you then you must not take residence in the past. The past is supposed to be a point of reference not where you reside. We must make peace with our past to give us freedom to look forward! The freedom lets us dream bigger and without borders.

If you are struggling positive then just think about this saying. I really don't think you can get more positive than saying the "best is yet to come!" We all have times in our life when we just do not believe this. It's hard when you are in the pits of life and surrounded by darkness to believe something better is going to come. It's hard because all we see is now and current circumstances. I have been through tough times in my life when I clung to this thought because I couldn't handle the situation. We all go through tough times but clinging onto this thought really doesn't help. Do not just view this saying as something cute and inspirational; rather say it as a fact.

"The best is yet to come and that is a guarantee!"