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Image by Leo Chane

The Caged Bird!

She is beautiful,

She is fierce,

She is kind,

She is indestructible,

She is courageous,

She is fearless!

Woman a spectacular creation of God, but more often considered as a being that must be tamed. In the world where we have conquered so much, in the world where we have discovered so much, there are things that are not stated to be changed. The condition of women in India is been deteriorating since ages. And the question is who is responsible? And why the condition has got no better?

The violence started at home, 'from killing of female fetus, to the killing of women for dowry.'

"One woman is killed every hour for not bringing enough dowry" -The Guardian. The condition has not got any better, the crimes against women is still an issue. Home is the place in the whole wide world where a person can live safely but often the four walls become a cage of humiliation and violence.

• More than half (51.1%) of female victims of rape reported by an intimate partner or acquaintances (NSVRC- National Sexual Violence Resource centre). From an early age, the girls are taught not to go alone, not to go out late, etc. With the change in the bodies of women, there sets a fear of being molested.

• Most females victims of rape (79.6%) experienced sexual violence (rape) before the age of 25. (NSVRC- National Sexual Violence Resource Centre)

• According to the National Crimes Record Bureaue in 2016, the rape of minor girls increased by 82% compared with the previous year. And chillingly, across all the rape cases, 95% of rapists were NOT strangers.

And there are number of cases that are not reported because a girl's life would be at stake. It would be shameful for the girl's family. Even though being the victim, the girl is blamed, that's insane. Above stated were the few examples but the horrible list continues. But the things must change.

There are several battles that women fight everyday. Being denied of the same rights as men. Bounded by the shackles of patriarchy. Being judged by the attire. Rejections and many more. "Young women today often have very little appreciations for the real battles, where they are today in the country." So let it out!

You have to rise breaking the shackles of patriarchy,

You have to fly high above the misogyny,

You know you're a wonder woman and nothing lies above you,

You can cage a bird for as long as you want but a bird never forgets to fly,

"She is not a mammal to be tamed,

Rather she is the war that you can't win."


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