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Image by Leo Chane

The Cracked Roof!

The crack in the roof

Shines again!

The sun just took birth in the sky,

Radiating the shimmer of a new start,

Of new hope.

The machines breathed again,

The keys clattered again,

Everything seems fresh and young,

Finding new hope and love,

Life began with a sweet gesture.

The birds flew high

And, the wind chimed again,

Life again has a rhythm.

A loner again has hope,

To find the happiness,

In a new day with old sadness.

But Now the sun broke into red

Taking the color of love,

Both fierce and charm,

Everything's way back to rest.

Birds are returning with,

One more twig for her nest,

The creature returning,

With one more bread.

As the sun sets,

The old school lover,

Wished to find the first love,

And with a hope that these,

Returning winds would return,

With a new lover with same old love.

And now the sky took,

Over the blanket of stars,

The night was young.

And now the unfinished

Dreams got a new start,

With every blink

Closer to the star,

Eyes closed and went,

In the world of tales,

Gripping the world of dreams,

Lying quietly and softly,

The soul rested.

How b'ful life was!

The life was simple,

The life was beautiful.

The same way day and night,

Came again and again.

The life of,



And Dreamer,

Went searching for

The new hope.

Never tried to fix,

The crack in the roof

Though it brings rain,

But as the sky takes over the star,

The crack sparkles with the,

Twinkle of every star.

The sunshine invades

Through it.

The evening breeze,

Calmed every chaos with in.

And the crack in a roof,

Was never calming before.

-Mariyam Khan


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