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The Dark Side of Churchill's Legacy! [Part I]

There is no western countrymen or senator more glorified than Winston Churchill, his moral courage an flag-waving helped steer his nation survive the WORLD WAR II. Churchill, is exuberantly admired by his countrymen as the 'Greatest Person.' The glory and allure of his name works so strongly that it launches myriad of quotations. At its deepest core, Churchill's fables serve as ready-made tropes for boldness and orchestration, no matter the context in which were they spoken. In the far West, Churchill is a 'Freedom Fighter,' a person who stood grimly against Nazism and helped save Western Liberal Democracy.

But, there is another side of Churchill's political career one must never forget. To many, not of the west, he remains a Deformed Racist and Stubborn Absolutist, forever on the incorrect part of history.

Churchill's critics point to his well-documented partiality stimulated often with shocking cold-hearted feelings and odium . "I hate Indians," he once said. "They are beastly people with a beastly religion!" Not only Indians but also the Palestinians were called as "Barbaric hordes who ate little, but Camel dung" by him. Seeing restive population in northwest Asia , he unpopularly lamented the "squeamishness" of his colleagues, who were not in " favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes!"

India was British's most important colony, which excited Churchill the most. He despised the Indian National Movements and called Mahatma Gandhi a "half-naked" and tagged him a "seditious fakir" or a sacred person . Most evidently, Churchill presided over the horrendous 1943 famine in Bengal, where some 3 Million Indians expired due to Churchill's maladministration. Churchill was ignorant of a population's agony and checked over the perishing of Indians who according to Churchill bred like 'rabbits.'

Churchill was one among those senators who worked actively to create sectarian crevices within India's independence movement between Hindus and Muslims, which finally led to India's partition in 1947.

Churchill was overwhelmed by the recollection of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 to follow steps to overlook the value of civilian lives in India. Churchill was an admirer of physicist Fredrick Lindemann, who regarded colonial subjects as 'slaves,' whose only aim of existence was for the service of racial superiors. According to historians Arthur Herman, Churchill's major focus was on the World War II and thus he diverted food supplies from India to Allied military camps. Leo Amery, secretary of state to India and Bhutan and a contemporary of Churchill, in his private diaries wrote, "on the subject of India, Winston is not quite sane" and "I doesn't see much difference between [Churchill's] outlook and Hitler's."

Churchill though is held as a man of great political taste , but stands zero at this point for the East. He said: Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions. And this sets in the context of Indians. HOW ? This would be highlighted in the later part of the picture .

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