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Image by Leo Chane

The Dark Side of Churchill's Legacy! [Part II]

It started with 'Black Lives Matter!' protests in London connected to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

Footage from protests shows people chanting ''Churchill was a racist!," a few tried to save the statue, and high banners depicting 'British colonialism is to blame' and 'What if it was your son?' were left underneath.

77 years back, when myriads of people died of hunger, Winston Churchill emerged as a great senator in Germany. Churchill's main aim was to end Nazism but he himself enforced one trait of Nazism in India. In 1989, a book, 3 scores and 10, memoirs of a Bengal ICS. It was a biography of a government officer, Asok Mitra. In his biography, he wrote of all the people. "I met on the roads of my Bengal most of them were hungry and helpless the condition was measurable he could hardly path between their stomach and back!" Ashok Mitra mentions. He was more scared of the scenes his on Bengal rows then the deaths that followed Madhushree Mukherjee, another talented orthopedically route in her long that win starvation was it Prime in Bengali about 7 crore of rice was exported from India to other foreign lands during colonization of India. The most devastating thing ever ordered was the white man are here to take responsibility of the population inferior to them, to convert them into perfect humans from horrendous servant.

Though the poor attitude of British can reach up to several volumes if penned, but the main question is 'Are the people on whom the mis-administration was practiced really want an apology?" Do they know the truth or are they absolutely ignorant about it!? In 1943, a Plethora of Indians died due to the British again, in 1947, the partition of India was carried forward by the British in which about 1.5 crore people were displaced, disoriented from their areas of Residence. Around 20 lakh expired! "Who is responsible for this? Who's going to give an account of it?"13th April, 1919, Jallianwala Bagh, an incident which is still penned in blood in the hearts of many Indians. General Dyer, the miscreant, responsible for this as was declared a HERO in Britain and was bestowed on by a big 'Thank You!'

Churchill's policies divided the country and broke it into parts, even in the present day India, a lot many roads, museums, channels are named after foreign noblemen. Are we doing justice to our realm?

Winston Churchill looted India in a hundred ways, he didn't make India Democratic but destroyed the Democratic culture and heritage of Indians. If a British murdered an Indian, the punishment was jail of six months or sometimes released with a penalty of about 100 rupees, but if an Indian murder any British; be damn sure he would be hanged.

Even the United States of America is about to change the name of its military base camp named after those who were involved in any kind of asset like discrimination especially racism. Similarly, India too should absolutely remove the symbols of caste, race or any other form of discrimination. Those who debarred India miserably, looted the country should never be printed in the pages of our great history.

We the people of India should end racism and also the people who destroyed us on a note, that if we truly love our country, we would show courage to deny the of wrong allegations. THE TRUTH EXPOSED!

Defeating racism and completely being intolerant towards people who looted us in Churchill's way by quoting his own quote :

"This is no time for ease and comfort, it is time to dare and endure! "