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The Entwined Souls

That old house was a bit weak but still the same. As soon as she opened the door, with her shivering hands and teary eyes, she was welcomed by the aroma of all those memories that they created together. She stood tall, like a queen in her palace, for a moment and looked around as if she can still see my grandfather sitting on his chair in the verandah, looking back at her with a welcoming smile. The rooms with big locks hanging at their door were full of dust and rust but his memories were still shining bright in them.

Grandma never stepped in that house after his demise and lived with us. But now after all these years, she finally plucked up enough courage to comeback to the place which she built brick by brick, along with her love. The place which is now covered with dust and spider webs, and echoed the creaky sounds of insects was once full of laughter and happiness.

As she opened the door of her room the wind chimes hung on the ceiling started twirling, the shelf spoke about all the love grandpa had for his books, but then she noticed the newspaper on the side drawer of their bed dated 19th August 2010; the day when he departed, she stepped back and sat on the chair, with a pale face, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Few moments later she smiled and stood up to make the room as it was when he was with him and kept things as he wanted/liked it to be, arranged his books on the table as if he would come and start working on it while his tea kept aside, fixed the table lamp and filled the room with his favorite fragrance to make herself feel like he is still there with her, staring and smiling at the love of his life, my Grandma.

"At that moment I realized that death can only separate two individuals apart, but the love and bond they share, entwined their souls forever!"

-Haala Aslam


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