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The Happy Child Revives!

I remember how I, that gloomy girl used to enter my room every night with a bottle of water in my one hand and my phone in my other hand with my earphones plugged in. There was that gloomy, sad girl who was tired of taking everybody's shit. A girl who was so notorious and jolly by nature had transformed herself into this gloomy girl and had started staying away from people. 

She would lock herself up in her room and would cry over her issues of life. She was all dull and exhausted. She would sit and stare at walls for hours, without any expressions at her face, blaming herself for everything that happened in her life. She would wipe her tears herself. She expected someone around her to hug her and tell her that it's okay. She got genuine friends for her but then that hug seemed impossible!

And after months, I see her all changed from that gloomy girl back to that cheerful and jolly girl. She has again started to smile without that hug and has told herself that all of these things are okay. Problems are also important so that we realize what is important in our lives. She has again started being carefree. She has become more notorious and more often smiles and laughs out loud. This girl has again started being with people, making them laugh and joking around all day. Chewing her favorite snack in between conversations and giggling during those weird kinda selfies. Adamant and Immature. Totally ignorant of all the negative things in life.

She would now have all her favorite chocolates and snacks with her and would clean her bookshelf often. Those echoes of cries cannot be heard anymore but that echo of her dynamic laughter can be very often heard! The girl who used to avoid even eye contacts is now indulging in stupid question/answer round with her cousins. The girl who did not use to come out of her room boundaries even has now started getting dressed properly and enjoy with her family. The girl who was so afraid to talk over the past has now started unwrapping her childhood memories with her mother. The girl who avoided mentioning her things has now started to remind her father about her favorite snack being finished! That girl has again started writing. She's again started reading her favorite books with a cup of coffee with her. 

She's got that one favorite song for her!

She's again started dancing to her favorite tunes! And finally the rain doesn't make her cry anymore, but she's out under the open sky while it rains and is enjoying the rain with a smile. All those colors that she had been holding on as a laminated jacket to herself have now started to take over her sadness. 

-Vaishnavi Bajpai


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