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The Inside Story

Well! There is always an inside story in every story which is often shrugged off by us .The most leisurely task is to pass judgements and jump onto conclusion. We have the propensity to believe what is narrated and get driven by one side of the tale, however, fail to comprehend the vindications. Life gives us every opportunity to validate facts and we get to know how inaccurate we were. We tend to share thoughts, emotions and innumerable occurrences with one another. During the process of this transmission of data, many of us don't even perceive the other side of the coin hence results are proclaimed. The ostensible society is always ready to intervene and pass discernments. It doesn't try to understand what might have gone wrong with the protagonist which eventually led to such a cause.

There are endless examples where family matters are ridiculed and shared without perspicacity. I came across such an incident that compelled me to think how wrongly and conveniently we make perceptions just by comprehending one side of the story. One of my close acquaintance was going through a difficult phase. The same old story of domestic violence and family conflicts had made her very vulnerable and was extremely pestered. She would work in a call centre and was like a drudge throughout the day. One of the most diligent and talented employee of the organization and had recently got promoted as a team leader. The family wasn't happy as the members including her better-half wanted her to get on with the household chores. They would live in a rented apartment and her husband had lost her job few months ago so it was a testing time. yet nobody in the family would keep up. She would work in night shifts and was saving every penny to bring contentment to her family. I often used to recommend to take rest and get rid of health issues. Once it happened she didn't get cab and unintentionally failed to inform her senior executive. As it was already late so her senior executive insisted on her taking lift from him. since she was not left with any choice. He dropped her at her place which was seen by her husband and as expected, a ruckus took place. It started with her Character Assassination and no stone was left unturned to belittle her. Everyone including her in-laws and neighbors started gossiping rubbish and castigated to the worst level. I tried my level best to pacify her by giving her some motivational talks but at the end of the day, she had to face the despair and endless atrocities that resulted in a mishappening.

It was not at all a good morning when I got heebie-jeebies as I learnt about her attempt to suicide and she was rushed to a nearby hospital for the help. It got too late and she took her last breath in front of me where I felt so helpless and couldn't do anything to save her. I broke into tears when I saw that she was not getting addressed by the name anymore. Whoever came next, would say where's the body. It was a state of acute dejection. The worst was yet to come when I overheard a cop having word with her husband that the case will be hushed up soon and there will be no charges imputed against the family since he had a very influential political approach. No body ever came to know what happened to her exactly as everything was so fishy happening around. A couple of weeks later family came to know that she had booked a 3 bedroom flat and had already paid all the installments just to provide a dream house for herself and her family who never loved and appreciated her for anything. The family merrily shifted and the man got married just a year later. With the passage of time people forgot, and the life was back to normal where I was left with a remorse. At last a quote;

"Never judge someone without knowing the whole story .You may think you understand but you don't!"

-Aditi Dwivedi


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