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The Obsession Over Marks!

Hey readers! The title of the blog may get some people on their nerves and the whole blog will surely be constructive criticism for few. This whole week has been of results, percentiles, numbers, and of course of appreciations for some and inferior for some. 

It's so heart wrenching to see news and  to hear that so many students sink into depression for not scoring good marks, and even some commit suicide just over marks. We surely have to come out of this scenario and rising obsession over marks. 99% or 69% doesn't matter! Yes, there's difference but this difference doesn't define your worth. May be you aren't made for the subject that you wrote for in your exam. Marks were never about you, it was always about how much you memorize. 'But education is always about how much knowledge you gain!' May be the topics you were best at never came in question paper. Every person that sits in exam room is capable of something outstanding that none other have, and that makes you different, that makes YOU.

May be your seat partner's soul dance to every beat and your soul tune with every note. May be the other guy connects his every thought to make sense and the other guy rhymes every word. May be someone is master at memorizing and may be someone just plays with formula. May be you are pro at English Literature and may be you suck at Physics concept, and that does not make you weak. Listen, there are billions of people in this world and everyone is unique in their own way. Respect yourself and make sure no exams or marks break you. No exam can ever tell how much talent you have. And it's okay to be an average student. 'Little by little keep adding your little achievements to your success star.'

Because there will always be people out there who will betray you, they will make you upset for being you. And look every step towards your success is for yourself. You have to keep working hard until you achieve everything you want. Let people say whatever they want, you can only shut their mouths with your success. People will say and people will question, you just don't have to quit! You have to fight thousands of battles to be the person you want to be! Everyday remind yourself no matter what;

"I will ride, I will fly. Chase the wind and touch the sky!"

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