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The Unsaid...

For as long as I know that this world is filled with people who have no hearts and souls. There's always a silence in their laugh, there's always a grief in their happiness. Their eyes speak a lot more than their mouth. Every being on this earth has their own scattered pieces which they can't put as a whole. Hearts are shattered, eyes are on the urge to tear up, choked throats, and dried lips this is what we can see. In this era where we can't connect people with heart but only by social media, they have accepted to fake themselves rather than to be real.

The love they show has its own meaning, they are masked faces with fake smiles. They are the devils who got the wings of the angels. They don't have the courage to surf through their problems, their will to fight the real devils have died. The good in them is dying inside the soul in a corner. They have those wet eyes which are deprived of tears. Their hearts had felt so much pain that now the eyes are dried. Heart-breaks are the most common thing to feel for there is no one to mend it. Their mind has so much but their mouths are locked with the fear of being judged! Their dead souls are the wanderers searching for the love that could make their soul alive but the heart still manages and beats in a dead soul. For how long you are going to keep cage your beyonce in the name of real happiness for you only know, which you call reality is actually absurd, for how long you are going to drown in the ocean of mismatches where love is all about swiping right and not about the depth of the emotions, for how long you are going to fool yourself in this world of "fakeism" where perfection is everything and reality is being graved. I don't know for how long I am awake and for how long I haven't laid peacefully in my bed, sleepless nights and drowning heart is all I have. I do not know how being in love feels like since I lost my childhood love. This darkness suffocates me, my words are my only savior for they don't come out through my lips, but I engrave them on a paper, like a bleeding pen. Oh, I write poetries and I love and hate them at the same time.

This Blog is written imagining a teenager, who is a wanderer and trying to find tranquility. You've read the piece above, you may find it relatable but I want to say 'no matter what happens, and in how dark you are surrounded. Always remember there's a hope for you in the dark, there will be a time where you can see the dark.' Do not get disheartened with levels of life, it's a beautiful journey, have some hope and let the good vibes roll in!

And don't forget to read this poetry;

Crying alone in the dazing nights,

Want to pour out my heart,

But there is none who would listen,

My soul wander from here to there,

But I can't find a place to rest.

As the nights passes,

And sunshine falls onto,

My broken pieces,

I start another day,

Waiting for the things,

To get better.

-Mariyam Khan


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