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There Are Many Right Ways Of Doing The Wrong Things!

This declaration goes with such states where one can rationalize and give opinions to substantiate wrong into right. There are some universal certainties which draw a line of difference between right and wrong, nevertheless, there are situations where an individual is obligated to go the other way round. Undoubtedly, we can't and must not justify wrong, since wrong remains wrong; however, there can be instances where we get persuaded that anyhow it is going to be worth it. Let's take an example of a lawyer who deliberately and consciously fortifies his client irrespective of the fact that he is the wrong doer. A lawyer just performs and presents everything that could help him to get away from retribution because he gets paid for it. A lawyer knows the art of articulating facts And figures. He knows to exploit evidences so as to demonstrate what he wants to. There have been uncountable cases where justice was denied and the innocent was deprived of fair play, hence proved, there are many right ways of doing wrong things.

Another example could be of all those having non-vegetarian, since it's easy to state that it equipoises food chain. There are opinions to consolidate facts which we believe are okay to go with. A vegan, however, won't believe and would firmly oppose having or hurting any creature to satiate hunger. When a majority believes that a certain propensity is right, we can go out of the way to absolve it.

In a society there can be two prototypes; one who believe and one who don't in the ongoing argument. Ancient culture and civilization evidently believed in obsolete and obnoxious stereotypes like Sati Pratha and Child Marriage. Such rituals denounced the existence of women. However, people firmly and viciously followed these orthodoxy, because they believed it were right. Despite the fact that women were bereaved and treated ignorantly, it didn't make any difference to the generation, since they assumed it was ethical. With the passage of time we have evolved and the definition of right and wrong have also transposed, over the years, and

with the help of few social activists we could overcome. Other examples include dowry; the most imperative ritual in marriages. Although it is a punishable offence, yet it is sophisticatedly followed and encouraged. Immolation of animals has been very predominant since ages to please God.

People conveniently change the interpretation of right and wrong. When a job aspirant seeks opportunity, at times pays bribe and breaches all ethics to grab it due to which deserving ones remain deprived. In the conclusion this actuality remains unaltered and unblemished truth, ethically, tactfully, factually, evidently, morally and humanly that;

"Wrong remains wrong even if everyone is doing it; Right remains right even if only you are doing it!"

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