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Image by Leo Chane

Things We Need To Remind Ourselves

Sometimes things go wrong. People leave. Hearts break. Stuff that we don't want to happen, happens. Experiences that are out of control hit you like wall and there's nothing you can do other than accepting the phase and moving on with the flow. All these things doesn't mean you have to stop with those moments. It's good to take a break but starting to fade away with those past moments will break you more and slow down your growth. Just because of some people who never returned in your life you can't make your life miserable! Always remember "the goal is to make everything around you grow including yourself!" Start working on yourself and you'll see how well you can grow. Although things are easy to say but difficult to do, it takes time but it gets better slowly. If a person or thing comes in your life Let It but if it goes even if you try to make a thing or person stay then let It/that person go. "Someone who wants you will make you feel wanted. Learn to go with the flow!" No doubt it's hurting to move on from something or someone but once you do it you'll find peace again. You need to understand that they don't care. They never apologized to you for hurting you but you apologized to them hundred times for being angry about it. Actions speak louder than words but consistency speaks louder than both. Choose people that always make you feel wanted.

When you learn to go with the flow, you realize that there's so much to explore,  there are so many things to do! Some days will break you, others will make you. Love to and live to love! That's just what life is. Learn to be happy with and without people. Stop breaking your heart by having expectations with people. But if you get a person who is ready to stay with you always, makes you smile and laugh, cares about you, does things beyond their limits for you to satisfy and make you happy and value and appreciate you even if you do wrong to them then don't let that person go because of your bad habits and mistakes. Such people are rare to find! But, if a person keeps telling lies to you and doesn't appreciate your presence in their life then it's better to slowly part ways and move on. And then you'll notice many people will never have access to you the way they had before and only consistency has the power to break it. Buddy, you study, you work, you are responsible, you dress well, you put yourself together every morning, you suffer in silence and fight and come back, you manage your money, you are educated, respectful and have knowledge about so many things, you are loyal, you are confident on stage, you have vision and plans for future.

"Concentrate on your goal and be successful!"

-Vaishnavi Bajpai