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Image by Leo Chane

Think Twice!

Think twice before you impair a heart,

Just the way an arrow targets a dart.

Don't be impertinent with your company,

As you would sound like a tympany.

Think twice when hands beg for alms.

When you could see the line of starvation in those palms.

Don't be unsophisticated and mindless.

Be gentle and gracious with the spineless.

Think twice when the helpless cries of starvation.

He needs a helping hand for resuscitation.

Don't be so ungrateful for what you possess,

Think for all those subjugated and repressed.

Be solicitous to the underprivileged and deprived.

A merciful heart will be blessed if he revived.

Think twice before you disregard elders.

Else you will be undervalued and seen as an offender.

Don't be so unscrupulous and detrimental.

It's not good to be always judgemental.

Look into the eyes where dejection resides.

Do something meaningful so that the agony subsides.

Think twice when you attended last funeral.

Many interesting stories still remain delusional.

Don't be so materialistic and fake

Life is not always a piece of cake.

Every cloud has a silver lining

The one with a heavenly mind keeps shining.

-Aditi Dwivedi


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