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To everyone who is doubting their potential, struggling and barely holding it together!

Another day has begun and you are again here fighting against the odds of your days, questioning your own existence. You are asking yourself if you can bring a change in your miserable life. You are watching the people around, succeeding before you and this is making you feel lower. You feel like a loser who is here tired of fighting against the world, barely making it though. You've even started questioning your relationships with others, for you don't feel valued. You are doubting whether the people around you are actually admiring your work, or is it just duplicitous! You doubt whether you look beautiful or attractive like that friend of yours. Your past experiences have made you a person full of trust issues, for whenever you try to trust a person, you are haunted by the flashback! The loneliness has now started eating you from inside. You just lay down on your bed with absolutely nothing but everything messed up in your head, ignoring all texts and calls. You have many messages piled up in your inbox but you just don't feel that 'Vibe.' You don't find that connection.To the people reading this, if you have felt me, just know that we all have been there at least once in our life and It's Okay! You have to accept that not everybody is perfect but everybody is an antique piece. It doesn't matter if you don't have that perfect height or perfect features, doesn't matter if you don't have a perfect figure, the truth remains the same that "you are the best version of yourself!" It's good to remind yourself about your imperfections but it's always important to remind yourself of your achievements too.

You have accomplished so much! How do I tell you that talents aren't limited to dancing, singing or excelling in academics. Some days it's just "existing!" There are some days when you need those two to three close friends of yours, to share your feelings and then there are some days when you don't even need anybody. You just sit down with a cup of coffee and plug in your earphones to listen to your favorite soothing songs.

Just believe in yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest. Remember it's okay to make mistakes, to have bad days, to be less than perfect, to do what's best for you and to be yourself. 

"Life is a roller coaster so just keep enjoying it!"

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