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Image by Leo Chane

Too Late Or Too Early?

Too late or too early?

Many of us are stuck,

Unable to take a decision thinking it might be too early for it?

But what we forget is that by spending too much time in taking the decision,

We're already making it too late.

Many of us are sitting on the shore,

Enjoying the steady but very gentle breeze,

We're neither choosing to sail, nor trying to move back,

Amidst of all the chaos, you are silently looking at the waves come and go,

The calmness you're feeling, sitting on the shore is attractive, it's making you stick to it, it's making things difficult,

That absolute serenity is making you vulnerable.

Why vulnerable?

Vulnerable because the sea and the breeze won't be stable for long.

The breeze might turn dank and the waves might turn into storms.

It would be too late then,

Yes, it would be too late then to choose to sail,

You came a long way to reach the sea, but what's the use if you didn't sail?

It seems hard I know, but it isn't a herculean task. You can.

So, please don't let the can change to you could have.

You have the moment today, right now, seize it before it's gone.

Choose to sail or choose to go back.

Get up and take decisions.

You have time,

I won't deny that, you do have time,

But not enough time to sit on the shore,

It would be too late then if the storms and dank breezes ruin everything.

Before that happens,

Make a move.

Once you begin a journey, it will never be too late or too early.

The journey might be hard but you would be sailing and that's enough for you.

Many of us are holding the centre page of a book,

Unable to decide which part we should start reading first,

The page you're holding, is the one you need to read to understand both the stories,

How can you probably understand a story without knowing it's beginning?