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Image by Leo Chane

Tricolor! We Have A Fourth Colour Too.

The Tricolor is of three colours

Three colours, did I say?

Not three colours but passions I must say!

My Saffron coaches my strength and courage,

My Saffron instructs to stand for renunciation and is full fledged,

Of all the colours I have seen 'Kesari' is my favorite.

White teaches me peace and truth,

And not to deviate from the path of good,

It symbolizes truth, peace and purity

To stop wicked and live in serenity.

Green taught me fertility,

How to uphold myself with dignity,

The Ashok Chakra reminds of righteousness,

To build my home on perpetuity's nest.

But we not only have Three,

Rub your eyes, and again see!

The fourth colour is an imprint of blood,

Where I can see a wrapped bud!

It was someone's son who sacrificed

It was someone's husband and brother who died

It was the country's sepoy

To not expect but to give was his melody.

Of all the colours I have seen

I wish people could recognize my mean,

I address those soldiers who end up their lives for us,

And to the proletarian who stands by us.

This Independence Day I would salute my heroes,

Not Khan, not Kumar

Only the Real life heroes.

Jai Hind!