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Image by Leo Chane

Truth According To Me!

Oh young liar! Don't you like to know what truth means? Here I go with my definition

Truth Is A Dangerous Prickle: It is always a thorn that ruins a happy moment. Sailing the remaining journey of life with this prickle is an uphill task.

Truth Is A Cold Reality: Of course! Everything that looks fantastic is nothing but a fallacy .When the postulates are out it becomes soo difficult but you are left with no other choice than accepting it!

Truth Is A Carbohydrate: In a world filled with sugar coated lies truth arrives as an evil genius that is soo difficult to fathom. Digesting this carbohydrate leaves deeper scars in the soul of the naïve human bodies!

Truth Is A Universal Law And A Universal Language: However false a person is, they should eventually surrender to Truth sooner or later. It's always a Law that should be followed by everyone and breaking the law means severe punishment in the form of a disgrace, etc. It's a language that is spoken by not just one community, clan or a tribe but by the entire world. As a language it would sound beautiful if you follow it properly, it would be discourteous if you neglect it or modify it!

Truth Is A Devil Or A Prophet: Based on the circumstances. It's a devil when it disfavors someone and it's prophet who saves a life from evil..

Truth Is A Tragic Hero: In a world where lies win, in a world where scoundrels are more, truth is always a tragic hero. He is a hero because he is needed and he is tragic because he is never recognized!

Truth is always a last person who doesn't get any preference and he is an uninvited guest whose presence is not expected.

Going in the path of truth is an uphill task again. As the power of distractions, evil, corruption deviates you from following Dharma. Getting the power to behold the truth or follow it's way requires a lot of sweat and blood.

Lastly truth is our life. What if the life we live in is nothing but just an illusion? Will we ever know any of these? If it were an illusion will we survive ?

"We are living a life and that is the truth! We all have knowledge of Dharma and we need to follow it!"

-Lavanya Venugopal