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Total crap! How does that sound?

What are these rules? No please, I ain't from any opposition community standing on the bunch of thorns trying to throw it up on you.

Once again of course these are acumens and no pointers to follow.

Jeff was afraid that Sarah would be mad at him for not being able to make up to a housewarming because of some reasons. Now Jeff needs to do something, do something. Something as in anything to state he's sorry .

Now is this written somewhere to organise a gift, a small sorry ceremony? See, doing something out of love is one whole thing, it is one whole page of one different novel, it is one different fragrance of one different flower, it's one different flavour and one different essence and doing something just because you're seeing people do that, just because people have been doing that, just because it is supposed to be done but no one actually said it, is what a scam.

Jeff is sorry , he'll say it, Sarah would understand it. In this world, at some place where one can actually relax his head on other's shoulder, why is other place filled with people trying to make it up to every little thing that happens in between.

If you wouldn't be doing a mistake, how would the other person know how effortlessly you can be sorry and they can just feel it. How would that one gesture everyone varies with would come up?

Not just this, many things, way many things. It's one feather of one big Pigeon.

Rules, here, are nothing. I mean- why would someone spray a replicant over the amazing smell of lily, let it happen to let it flow to let it happen always and happily.

*this was the continuation of the last blog "Please."

Might come up with a continuation again.

-Anvesha Mishra