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Good day my cherished reader,

I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed today for I have an inquiry. When was the last time you wooed your life?

I’m getting the sense you are a bit confused by my question, so I will just rephrase. Do you make a habit of valuing the traits you have developed over the years, particularly the ones you have gained for the past seven months?

No? I see. Let me guess, you are content with flattering your friends’ characteristics and progress. Good for you! But do you ever take twenty seconds in praising yours? If you are racking your brain, then we definitely need to turn over a new leaf. Coming up next are examples of the attributes one should acknowledge; your competitive advantages:

  • Being a spirit-driven. Waking up in the morning with the motivation to conquer your tasks. Deleting the zombie mode from your system in which you used to lay on your bed fancying a more adventurous life. Simply put, comprehending that you need to get up and make money!

  • Showing dedication to your self-care. Taking advantage of the reality you are working from home. Applying that anti-wrinkle serum, green tea eye gel patch, overnight hair mask, and drinking detox water wouldn’t hurt anybody. PS: this activity applies to both genders, men are allowed to take care of their skin and health too. It won’t hinder anyone’s masculinity. That is in the case of not having an online meeting, of course.

  • Striking accomplished tasks off your list. This right here delivers a distinctive level of satisfaction knowing you are on your way to the very top. Keep on believing, dreaming, and persisting. One day, failure is going to give up on you and cease to follow you.

  • Communicating your boundary settings. I have once written “committing to your boundary settings is the ultimate form of self-achievement”, yet making them clear to others is a whole different scenario. Speaking up for yourself and normalizing saying no to anyone is a true blessing. I repeat anyone, no matter how big the favour once provided.

  • Seeing beyond the uttered comment. Realizing that the criticism could either reflect the speaker’s insecurity or it is actually intended for your bloom.

  • Sensibility. Being okay with the fact that some might not find you interesting even if you were flawless. Accepting that your wavelength does not have to match everyone’s frequency.

  • Moving on lightly with your life, in a sense that nothing governs your peace.

  • Reconciling with your variances. Not caring if others get to see the real you. The moment you have embraced your originality got you where you are today.

  • Making someone else’s day. The knack of going out of your way to drawing a beaming smile upon someone’s face reciprocates a light from heaven. Your kindness is proof that you have been touched by angels.

  • Having a filter in your mind. Taking a minute before blurring the words out and not jumping into conclusions based on plain sight. In other words, social intelligence.

  • Knowing when to leave the environment. Recognizing that you deserve a second chance elsewhere when a certain situation does not serve you mentally, spiritually, or financially. Favouring serenity over history!

  • Enjoying your company. Spending time with friends is essential to boost your mood, but dining on your own without feeling any sort of weirdness is an absolute delight. Ever since I watched Eat Pray Love starred by our beloved Julia Roberts and “the sweetness of doing nothing” has been my mantra. My all-time favourite meditation activity.

  • Daring to daydream. Looking forward to your long term goals keeps you ambitious.

  • Inspiring others and getting inspired by others. Two of the biggest blessings you will ever have are spotting others voluntarily following your step and having the flexibility to entitle yourself to learn from others.

  • Listening to others purely to listen. Some listen to you as an opportunity to preach or use your businesses as their next gossip topic. Kudos on being a great friend!

  • Having the option to alter your way of life altogether. Congrats on making that choice that just popped into your head!

  • The power of intimidation. Be thankful for having others intimidated by your attitude for they are clearing enough space in your life for the ones who will actually hype you up even more.

  • Sleeping with a clear conscious. Finding comfort in knowing that you have done your best today and tomorrow morning you will do better.

  • The current things you used to pray for. Remembering those sleepless nights wishing to be the person you are. Not taking this lifestyle for granted.

I trust these examples will help you in identifying the current details that make you “you”. Be proud of yourself,

"Being you is a blessing itself."

Eternal love and support,

-Samar Mirghani