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Urban Jungle!

Life in the Urban Jungle is difficult, and demands resilience. Yes, it's 'Urban Jungle,' because it also runs on the same principle, that those who are strong and apply ruthless self-interest will be most successful. That's hard to digest and appears rude but is the stack reality of the contemporary era. From the materialistic rat-race to mismanaged personal and professional lives, one needs to be super consistent and resilient to balance all of this. With increasing resources to make your life better one thing that has also increased is cut-throat competition. Competition which leaves no space to play a victim’s card. There is no room for regrets, and seriously there is no one to leave his/her own part of the race to stop for you and console you, which highlights the importance of becoming emotionally strong and self-motivate oneself. And this is practically true as well. We assume that there are problems only in our lives and only our problems are the biggest, but we fail to look out of our small window of self-pity that how many people, facing unimaginable problems in their life are creating miracles and driving legendary results. And the thing which is even more surprising is that they are not even ‘complaining.’

Darwin's theory of the "Survival of the fittest" seems to be best-fit in the present scenario. If you are proactive enough to spot the opportunities in this ocean of challenges, then you’re sure to achieve what you want to, otherwise you’re bound to be left behind in this crowd. Life is no more age-old "slow and steady, wins the race". Rather it has transformed to "fast and consistent, aces the space." Therefore, one needs to market himself/herself well to avoid getting sidelined socially. This does not at all mean that you become completely cold hearted and give up a warm and kind heart, which is fundamental for human existence; rather it is an encounter of the real world with your mind, to help it get a glimpse of the kind of world it has to not only survive, but also excel. Pep talks, inspiration, motivation so on and so forth are good rather important but it is even more necessary to have a clear picture of the world you’re living. That is the reason this non-nonsensical advice is so important because you're already aware that your actions speak louder than words. It’s super-important to be actionable and inspiring to leave an indelible mark behind, which eventually builds our legacy, and clarity in thoughts plays a pivotal role in guiding our actions.

Being Bold helps one to stay strong even during erratic pressure of modern life. Being bold does not mean being discourteous towards fellow beings, but being courageous and daring, not hesitating or fearful in the face of challenges which arise due to uncertain situations. Being bold means you are making a conscious choice to stop playing the victim's card and take complete ownership of your decisions in good and not so good times. Being positive doesn't mean you stop living in reality, it simply means that you choose to focus on the silver lining in a seemingly negative situation. Bold people find happiness in these micro-moments of life and always wait for the bigger picture in life before reaching conclusions. Instead of trying to make everyone around them happy, they stay clear, straightforward and are always ready to take an initiative to invest consistently to build their success story. They don't resign to their fate, or dissolve in self-pity, but try analyzing things being self-critical and take calculated risks to achieve their goals. They are not insecure and don't want people to validate their actions because they are happy being who they are and take pride in their originality. Probably, that's what makes them outshine,even in this Urban Jungle!

This Slovak Proverb describes the very essence of surviving in this Urban Jungle;

"Fortune favors the bold!"

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