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Violent Entertainment, Stop Before It's Late!

Well, 2020 has been a year where “positive is negative, and negative is positive.” It’s also a year which confirmed how dependent and reliant we are on Entertainment to pass our time; with every second person submitting to OTT platforms to catch with newly-old web serieses and post the statuses of the same.

Entertainment is fine till it doesn’t destructively reprogram your psychology and push the society towards a wrong direction. However, the current entertainment content and the fact that we are highly addicted to it, makes it super-important that the content we watch is not toxic. Else what could we expect but an infinite number of “locker rooms” and a modernist society which is increasingly becoming dualistic and ethically dark. I know you’re still not convinced with me. Here I would likely to badly hurt the “Mirzapur” fans for the kind of content the web series portrays and the advertisement it does to increase viewership, we would very soon see the extremely “offensive language becoming a culture” which will erode young minds in the name of creativity. I don’t want to define creativity, but anything which is destructive in nature can certainly not be creativity.

One one hand we are educating our generation to respect men and women around them for a civilized society, and on the other we are hijacked by these web series which glamorize abuse, violence, harassment, misogyny, and at times even soft-por* just for the fact that they are entertaining people is unacceptable. Now here is an argument from the group of people who say that “we should let people do what they want cause we all have freedom.” Indeed, but you don’t let someone do what they want and go towards the cliff when you know there is a dead end and there’s a ditch. Because you don’t want them to fall down! Simple! And if you would literally let them fall down, there's certainly something wrong and you need to visit a therapist "asap."

The hostile effect of such content, paralyzing people’s mind is very much visible in the way addiction, smoking, intolerance and violence are on the rise. The movie which has got a 18+ certificate on television is broadcasted under 13+ on Netflix. Well, putting these filters which are a futile effort to stop the problem are no more relevant. We need to address the cause and seriously think about the content which is provided. Do we really have such taste? Do we really want society to be transformed into a generation which is addicted/ smoked up, just to follow the “cool” tradition? Do we really want that our children’s topic of discussions include por*s, drugs instead of science, music, arts, humanities envisioning a bright future? Do we not need to look into the kind of content we are continuously feeding our minds with and what can be its long-term consequences? For children we say, “monkey sees, monkey does” therefore, what we show our children, our youth and what is that turning them into is seriously needed to be analyzed. I would leave it you to think of it ahead.

" For our actions today will shape our future tomorrow, how we want it to look like, certainly depends on choices we make today!"

-Shreyash Sharma


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