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"Wait, Wait, Wait!" Dear Fake Feminists, Do You Know The Underrated "BTS" ?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

People are going on talking about women. Why such infatuation here? Tagging her a slut or a prostitute or cherry. Why? We demand equality, we need equal status as boys, matriarchy, matriarchy, matriarchy. huh!

We have heard this a plethora of times by some "so-called" critics. Is this enough? I would answer them by asking them, if there's a room well-decorated obviously what's there idea of well, don't you think people like doing the best with the things being looked at the most? Similarly, a sense of dressing right in the right way is important?

We do not need to expose our body parts in the workplace or on streets, or the factory floor! We dress differently, in front of our husband and lover. It's always on a person whether they want their intellect the front end or their biology! But to be very honest, a girl should dress in a way that doesn't disturbs a person's proximity!

Proximity...? What's That...?

I have seen people talk about the proximity doing rubbish, either on public places of public transport to girls, but this means a whole lot of men are not used to female proximity. The society must understand that we are not in the United States of America or any other foreign country where it's the 2nd or 3rd Generation of women stepping out here, in India it's the first generation of women stepping out and we are still struggling with it. We have moved from a family structure where a girl used to get married at 16 or 17 and the boy at 18 or 20, their sexuality and hormonal urges were handled well but now we have not created any way to handle these hormonal urges, we are going on unhanded!

This is something the society needs to debate on, Just putting things under the carpet and saying that human sexuality doesn't exist is a stupid thing! Proximity that is interaction and closeness with other gender counterparts, is new for a while, for a lot of people, and they are still struggling with it. I am not blaming any women for dressing oddly but the locus is that, this is India. An Indian women should know what to wear.

Our Country is in a transition from traditional to what we call modern but is just western! I don't say that you are raped because you dress barely, even if you dress like a nun they are being raped. The thing is enforcement is needed here, evolution is needed here, or we must keep unknown of the facts of the basic science and go on yelling, "okay let's castrate them, hang them and every other thing." There are struggles going on and we must address these problems as human problems, not thinking that everything is a crime and needs punishment. It's not only a dress issue but the proximity is new!

"We need an evolution and not people who go on talking rubbish without knowing the facts. How much prejudice towards the feminine. Why do we need to talk about there rights rather we talk about human rights and women are a part of it!"

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