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We Are All Bad In Someone's Story!

There's a quote I read that goes something like this, "The first step of change is becoming aware of your own bullshit." And from here I think that self-development has started with me. In fact, I think that it's always been there, I just refused to admit it. You know, I had always had this Crazy thought about myself. Actually I think, I'm a good girl in my kind of adventure. Since I'm me, I can't possibly the bad girl in my own story, can I? I think everyone sees their self as a good guy. Being a bad person or a villain in someone's story/life is the truth of life. Not completely but somewhere we play a role of villain or competitor in someone's life. Maybe, we play villain's role in a person's life who is villain in our own life! Playing role of villain is natural nowadays.

We cannot force anyone or please anyone or be in good books of everyone's. Someone somewhere will find our behavior inappropriate. And if you think that you are always right even when you are mistaken. As the saying goes it takes two hands clapping to make noise.

One of the things I really struggled with for a long time was when somebody had a bad opinion of me, I wanted to prove that I was not a bad person and I literally tried very hard to prove, but then randomly I read a quote on Google which is something like this, "We Are All Bad In Someone's Story." And this got me thinking about my constant need to prove that I wasn't in the wrong way. There are times when proving you didn't do anything wrong is vital. But most of the times it's a Fool's errand. Especially when you are dealing with the people who have already made up their mind about you or if they are doing you from a place of dislike.

I am a very straightforward person. And over the years, I have learnt that as much as being straightforward is a trait I value, without tat being straight forward can be hurtful. Even when people perm making obvious mistakes and if I told them they were making a big mistake they would be very offend. Of course, there are people who will through their perception can be based on false beliefs they have about you or even from their feelings of inadequacy or jealousy.

In fact, so many of us live in the shadow of people's perceptions about us. We live Secret Lives so people don't judge us or talk bad about us. I know so many people who control their kids especially their daughters to maintain their "Reputation" among their relatives. This is especially so in my community. They put at fronts, hide things, and live pretty manufactured lives so that nobody has anything bad to say.

The problem with that is this everybody is bad in somebody's story, no matter how good you are! I was lamenting the truth to one of my cousins the other day. I was telling her it was funny how people have such a bad perception about me when in actual fact I am actually a pretty conservative person and very homely by nature. At the end of the day, you know your truth. You know who you are and where you are coming from and that you didn't set out to hurt anyone. And that is all matter.

Everyone is bad in someone's story and that's okay!


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