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Whatever you say matters!

Human, a weird creation! Billions of people residing in this world, yet everyone is unique. Everybody has various aspects of everything. Their way of habitation, communicating, behaviors, everything differs, it's a wonder!

But, do you know that human thoughts can be programmed to think in a certain way? There come the external factors. How he is brought up, on whose idea? How this society treats him, everything matters, every person he meets matters. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are also a part of a lot of people's lives, their behavioral variations, and developments. We have that obligation to show what's genuine and healthy.

If a person never experienced mercy or kindness in his life, he will certainly say there's nothing good in this world. If you tell a kid who was born in a terrorist camp and raised by a bunch of terrorists, there's no wonder that he will become a terrorist too, because that's how his mind is programmed. His mind is cultivated with vengeance, anger, pain, and loss.

Whom can we accuse? The person who raised that child? Or who is responsible there's even a term called "terrorist" in the first place, how did they come into existence? It's us, we messed ourselves up. We began all this when we got addicted to money, power, religion, caste, and language. That's when this chaos started.

How many jokers did this world create by making them ache desperately for a single ounce of kindness? Getting attached and being emotional is viewed as a vulnerability rather than good qualities. That's why Self-love became a major aspect these days. What is self-love? Being selfish? Do you know in the Bible, there's a verse, "love others as you love yourself!"Show love evermore, show people that you care. Don't ignore them, take a moment, talk to them.!

A lot is going on in that simple brain, our words can either make people happy or sad, stay or leave, will give them hope to live or can crush it also. It's not gonna cost your life. But if you don't, it may cost theirs.


The calls you ignore matters,

The texts you ignore matters,

The conversations you ignore matters,

The love you ignore matters,

Whatever you say matters, Whatever you say...

-John Samuvel


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