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When Death Calls You...

Standing in the chamber between life and death, watching your past happen and waiting for death to let you in, don't cry.

Asking death that why was life so harsh on you would be easy, but don't. Life might seem to be completely devastating to you but you would start feeling that it is worth to be satisfied of, if you think of the better side. Being grateful for what you have had, would make you feel that life was amazing. Your misery would vanish of on that very moment, giving you an essence of utter satisfaction, hence, fulfilling one of the motives of your life. Remember, you leave behind an eternal legacy of your own, which can't be compared with anyone else's. Your contribution to this world, despite its degree of significance, might trigger a butterfly effect in future that the universe is yet to see, perhaps, making it a more beautiful place to live in. Seemingly, you would still exist somewhere down here, in the thoughts and hearts of people. The world would inherit you in the form of your effect on it and it's residents. One page of the grand book of universe through time, would be your manifestation. Strikingly, the words of your existence would be written by your actions, your very own consciousness. It would be absolutely untrue to say that you got no love because humanity is quite contradictory. It stabs you in the back while kissing you softly. The intimacy that you get, which is usually less thought of, is absolutely incomparable with any sort of pain. Revering the ones who stood with you whole heartedly, shielding you from pain and gifting you the happiness, which you otherwise would have never experienced, is essential. Always remember, love is indispensable, for we are humans, and we have hearts for a reason.

When death calls you, never,ever cry, for the sake of yourself, and the ones who love you. Never would you know the pain that someone who cares for you, feels, on seeing you in despair. Their interpretation of that sorrow is that your despair is a reflection of their incapability of bringing happiness and Ecstasy in your life. During one of the most saddening, yet memorable moments of there life, one smile on your face would have an effect that would be everlasting. Truly a bliss in the instant of remorse.

"Death is not the end of your life, it's the birth of future, in which you would manifest as a part!"

-Devansh Dhar Dwivedi


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