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Image by Leo Chane

When I Look Up At The Sky

It was 7:30 in the evening when I was standing in front of a bookshelf at a bookstore searching for the book I had been longing to read, when a little girl standing beside me started questioning her father who was also searching for a book. She started with those basic childhood questions such as, "Why are we here dad?", "How many books does this store have?", "Why do we read books?" Then she started shifting to some environmental questions as she saw her father checking the price tag of an environment related book. At first, I found her questions pretty "too obvious" but then she asked an absolutely strange but an eccentric question and left her father speechless.

That little girl asked her father, "Dad, what are these shooting stars?" while looking at a picture of a shooting star in a book. To which her Dad replied, "They are small, rapidly moving meteors which on entering the earth's atmosphere break and start burning and fall. They give out amazing streaks of light when they burn and fall." She further asked, "Dad, why do they fulfill our wishes?" Her father being speechless, looked at her and smiled gracefully but she kept on repeating the question. Her father did not understand how should he reply to her question. I honestly couldn't withstand the young girl's curiosity and I replied, "The shooting stars fulfill our wishes because they know how it feels to be broken!" And when I look up at the sky and see those beautiful stars, the rainbows, the sunshine, the sun, the moon, the clouds and the rain, I instinctively start thinking about them in a metaphorical way. 

When I see the "Stars" brightly shining in the dark sky, I realize that stars are our constant companions whom we frequently contemplate. They place us firmly on the earth and lift us in transcendental transmogrification. Maybe because we see them at night when we're at our most thoughtful or because we're made of the same element, the same dust, they speak eternity to us. If a man would be alone, let him look at the stars. The rays that come from those heavenly worlds will separate between him and what he touches. The stars awaken a certain reverence because though always present, they are inaccessible. They teach us that no matter how dark it gets, we can shine! 

When I see the moon, I realize that it is a giant light bulb shining down silvery light or it seems like a beautiful piece of creation within whom lovers look for their love. And if you're to love, love like the moon loves, it doesn't steal the night, it only unveils the beauty of the dark!

When I see the sun, I realize that how a person is supposed to live! A person is not only supposed to fight against the darkness but should also help the ones in the dark. A person who shines strongly and brightly helps others to shine too like the sun helps the moon. When I see the Clouds and the Rain, I realize that a person is like a cloud. Till the time we have purity, innocence and protection within us, we feel light and can easily go with the flow. But when we get hurt or break down, we get heavier and loaded with so much tears that symbolizes pain within us like the dark clouds become loaded with so much rain. And with time it becomes very important to shed the rain so that it can wash away all the pain of our past. Rain is also important because without rain there is no rainbow, When I see a Rainbow, I realize that once in a while, the sky dresses up colorfully for the earth to celebrate their infinite love. Mortals call it a rainbow! A rainbow after the rain indicates happiness, hope and new beginning!

"And life goes on in this way!"

-Vaishnavi Bajpai