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Image by Leo Chane

Will you?

You think you have what it takes to be a lover!

Will you take the fall to recover?

Are you equipped to share your pain?

Will you drown in my rain?

Can you portrait your daydream?

Will you let me mend your self-esteem?

Can you write down the secret you are carrying to the grave?

Will you whisper my name to the rising wave?

Have your eyes found their destination?

Will you allow them to carry on this conversation?

Are you the one to raise the bar and settle the debate?

Will I be worthy of the indefinite wait?

What is your guarantee?

Will you fix love for me?

I will not declare what is in return.

I want you to endure the burn.

I’m not looking for the common kind of love that is been told.

Bring me back what is been sold.

Covering up your unsaid cravings can be risky.

I will do the unfolding so hand me out your key.

Spare your soul.

Mention one being that is whole.

There is no mountain for you to climb.

Yet make no mistake, efforts are meaningless if not delivered at the right time.

Not entirely sure on why did we postpone?

Will you stay the night explaining over the phone?

Will you please my pride?