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Image by Leo Chane


It was when I was unconsciously turning the pages of the newspaper, as a part of my ritualistic attitude towards my days, like a sudden jerk, this headline brought me back from my vortex where I unwillingly slipped into. ‘Workation’, now that's something which struck me hard.

First I assumed it to be some idiosyncratic idea, which businessmen often force on the people to increase profits, but after giving it much thought I realized that it can be a life-saver, especially during the unprecedented times like now. Not to mention, this idea originated recently, after MNCs had to offer work from home options for the employees in view of the pandemic, but if we had to WFH, then why not go on a work vacation. This work vacation or to be more precise, Workation, (please ignore flaunting all English rules) will not only offer a new working environment, but also act as a quick stress buster which employees need during such times. It’s not surprising to see a number of people becoming victims of emotional problems and depression due to imbalances in their personal and professional lives, growing uncertainty about the future post- pandemic, job security issues, exhausting work schedules and so on. Unfortunately, the grim reality is that for famed organizations, employees are just objects to meet their targets, rather than aspirational workers who give their all to contribute in taking these brands to the heights of success. Well, I don't intend to spoil your mood by discussing the fiendish nature of your bosses which is now an inevitable underlying force of the modern work culture!

The very idea of going through the workation model gave me soothing relaxation. Waking to the sublime sunshine at the time of sunrise, drafting emails between lofty green mountains, having coffee pondering at the eternal beauty of nature with a feeling of being away from the bizarre lifestyle of mediocracy. The awe-inspiring yet so non-judgemental scenic beauty (unlike humans), empowering one to envision unseen possibilities and create prodigy. I feel this can be once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone struggling to discover mental peace in life. Afterall, what do you need, just a resort resting between rugged natural beauty and a never ending wifi.

Sardonically, all my admiration and the realm of imagination came crashing down after striking with the cloud of reality, when I read the prices of the workation packages. Starting from straight ₹25,000/- per night per person to soaring packages of lacs made me gulp the lump of my aspirations! Nevertheless, I consoled myself by remembering Portia’s famous quote from Merchant of Venice, “If to do were as easy to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men’s cottages princes’ palaces!”

P.S. If it were as easy to do good as it is to know what is good, then small chapels would be great churches and poor men’s cottages would be royal palaces!


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