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Image by Leo Chane

Yes It's My Fault

There was an abuse on innocent,

I was there, being silent doesn't give me a cent.

Some bad things I saw and didn't accept it,

I started to burn them, no one help me to lit.

Sometimes, it was cool to kill people,

It means to your own multiple labels.

I changed myself instead of world,

"You are a good person!" I heard.

And then no one wants good quality,

They want smoke and high death velocity.

I was good cause I kill bad ones,

Now all death is worthless and they were good ones.

It was my fault to make you a good human,

You all deserve hell, good things are time waste on human.

I am the King of hell who will punish you, it's true my love.

The higher you scream the louder I laugh.

My favorite action to destroy you called it apocalypse,

Some dies cause of age some are black sheep.

They become good and also favorite personalities,

And I become a devil because I learned true charity.

-Surya Shukla


#heaven #hell #earth #humanlife #human #life #lifeisbeautifull