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You Can’t Be Better Than Being Original!

Success. Growth. Name. Fame.

These four words are dominating contemporary psychology, as a result of which every individual is figuring out the ways to achieve them. Youth from different spheres of life are trying to shape their personality such that they ‘fit-in’ well in this demanding environment and outshine in the highly competitive pool of individuals. Having understood that a charismatic personality is one of the best ways to create our own space, all of us are, ironically, becoming a cheap copy of others. Unfortunately, what comes in our hands in the end, is rejections after rejections. Regrettably, by the time we realize that we need to create something original to sustain the race, it becomes too late!

Instead of following the crowd just to be like someone, ending up realizing that we have been the ‘dumb, driven cattle’ for rest of our lives, is it not better to become the best possible version of ourselves. If we introspect deep enough into our conscience, we would realize that all the qualities and potencies required to be a successful individual in our life are already present within us. We just need to rekindle these latent characteristics of our personality. According to my understanding and experience, personality is nothing but the set of lessons a person reflects in his thoughts and actions which he has accumulated from his past. I have seen people shouting out like, “be like this, be like that, learn this skill, walk like this, talk like that, speak this language, fake that accent…..blah! Blah!” but no one teaches to be the authentic self, an individual who carries himself/ herself the way he/ she is.

In this perfectly uneven road to success, having inevitably unpredictable challenges, it is very important to preserve our originality, our roots, because that’s the only thing that makes us different. People fail to realize that our destination may be the same, but our journey is never the same. Then how can a particular type of personality or skill set or traits promise you success! Reflect on this!

The foundation of our demeanour is confidence. Confidence gives us the courage to be unapologetically true selves while facing someone, gives the belief that you may not be the perfect one, but you have an entirely different story to tell, reflects that you wear your scars with pride because they are the ones which made you reach this far! Being original reminds me of a very beautiful line by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, she says, “I think it’s great to be flawed. I am hugely flawed, and I like it this way. That’s the fun of life. You fall, get up, make mistakes, learn from them, be human and be yourself!” We don’t become good swimmers by staring at the sea from the shore, on the contrary, we become warriors by pushing ourselves into the sea, fighting all odds and coming out victorious. Same goes with your personality as well. We don’t get a perfect personality by hiding in our comfort zone. We become strong, because we’ve been weak; we become fearless because we’ve experienced what fear looks like; we become wise because we’ve experienced how bitter it feels to be fooled. Personality is enhanced by what we learn, from these not so good moments, in these moments. But if handled well, these emotional turbulences lay the foundation of an unshakable individuality which has the capability not only to win but also earn hearts. Afterall, that's what all the legends are made of. Being original means that you’re true to your emotions and accept your vulnerabilities instead of living in fake perception that you shouldn’t expose your weakness or failures.

People often ask me if I have any regrets in life, and my answer often surprises them, because, “ I’ve no regrets in my life. The way I wear my good decisions with pride for helping me experience the sweet fruit of success, similarly my mistakes and my bad decisions are equally me and I wear them with pride too, because they also play an equal role in making who I’m today!” Well! The crux of this larger than life article is to make my passionate reader understand that we already possess the indefatigable zeal to achieve success in every vista of life, what is just required is we reflect back on our journey trying to learn from the events which made our journey unique, instead of becoming a cheap copy of someone which might give us happiness but a happiness which is shorter than the blink of our eyes.

"You need to start from the bottom of the ladder to reach the heights of success and the best companion in this journey would be your original character, if that’s not the case with you, then “Hi! Prince Harry! Thank you for reading my blog. Bye!”

-Shreyash Sharma


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